full moon resort wedding winter bride and groom
Mary and Bill stand in the silent snow which fell for the entire day of their Full Moon Resort wedding in the winter.

A Full Moon Resort wedding in the Winter


A winter wedding can be so spectacular. Mary and Bill joked about the possibility of a snowstorm on their wedding day in the Catskill Mountains of New York. After all, all of their guests were staying at the lodge for their Full Moon Resort wedding in Big Indian, the ceremony was on site, the reception was a few steps away.


And it snowed. Hard. Began early in the day and continued through the night. So many people worry about wedding day weather challenges. The weather will bring opportunities for great photos if you have a great mind-set about it.


The staff made sure everyone was able to get around the grounds. There was plenty of warmth from friends and family. The warm spaces around the inn and for the barn wedding reception enveloped everyone. Mary and Bill had the perfect world created for just them and their assembled guests, thanks to The Full Moon Resort


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full moon resort wedding snowy wedding day
The snow began to fall early at the Full Moon Resort on the wedding day.


wedding dress in the snow

big indian wedding photographers

wedding day weather

getting ready wedding bride and groom

bride and groom first look
The snowy stage was set for Mary and Bill’s first look at their winter wedding outside the cottage at the Full Moon Resort


bride and groom wedding anticipation
That wonderful moment of anticipation during the first look.


catskill mountain wedding photographer

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bride and groom in the snow
Having done a first look, we had enough light left to be able to make some outdoor portraits work on the almost-shortest day of the year. A bride and groom in the snow is a favorite setting for me. Break out the boots!


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